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Metaverse, the future of the workplace

We are seeing businesses starting to use Metaverse platforms to promote their brands

26 Oct 2022

I already wrote about Metaverse in one of my blogs and yes, lots of people are still very sceptical about the idea and yes, the graphics are of a low quality, but I do believe Metaverse is here to stay.

There are platforms which already exist. Meta has a platform called Horizons and Microsoft has AltSpace.

Now we are seeing businesses starting to use Metaverse platforms to promote their brands. For example Nike is building a mini world called Nikeland and HSBC have purchased a digital plot of land on Sandbox.

Besides generating headlines and brand awareness, today’s businesses are beginning to work and communicate with their employees and customers daily using the Metaverse framework platform, Engage.

Several large corporations have already used the Engage framework for a variety business needs such as company onboarding, daily stand-ups, customer demonstrations, and large-scale events. A core driver for the adoption of Engage as a Metaverse services platform has been the move to remote/hybrid work practices from major companies due, in part, to the COVID pandemic.

Many major corporations have challenges with remote work as employee morale can be low due to missing company culture and the feeling of being disconnected from the broader organization.

Having a spatial event inside your MetaWorld allows users to walk around freely and explore exhibition halls and speak privately to people, or walk up to sales stands to gather information on products and services from the sales representatives.

MetaWorlds can be used to replicate everything we do in the real world cheaply and remotely. Taking the latest hardware launch in a virtual cloud environment which HTC did recently, as an example. The possibilities are endless, and companies with the best creative minds will flourish in this new digital environment.

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