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Alliotts Supports London Games Accelerator Programme

Andrew Douthwaite shares practical tips on financial health with emerging games studios

31 May 2024

gamerAlliotts takes a proactive role in supporting the London Games Accelerator programme, providing crucial financial guidance to eight emerging game studios. As part of this initiative, I was pleased to be invited this week to speak to these studios about the key financial aspects of running a business.

As a starting point I emphasised the importance of financial hygiene, a critical practice for maintaining clean and accurate financial records. I shared the details of the various technologies available that can help studios streamline their financial processes and can ensure that their financial management is both efficient and effective. I explained that this guidance is particularly vital for small studios aiming to scale up and attract investment.

In addition to financial hygiene, I outlined the range of tax reliefs available to games studios, such as Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) and Research & Development (R&D) tax credits. These reliefs can significantly reduce a studio’s tax burden, freeing up resources for further development and innovation.

I also provided insights into budgeting and forecasting, crucial tools for financial planning and stability. Accurate budgets and forecasts allow studios to plan their financial futures more effectively, helping them to anticipate and mitigate potential financial risks.

Alliotts’ involvement in the London Games Accelerator programme highlights our commitment to fostering growth within the UK games industry.

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Andrew Douthwaite

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