Our Story

The origin of the firm, now known as ‘Alliotts LLP’, can be traced back to 1869 in London, when Pullam Markham Evans established an office in the City. To announce his presence to local businesses, Evans employed an early form of direct marketing by sending out a promotional letter. This pioneering initiative laid the foundation for the firm’s future success.

  1. 1869
  2. 1871
  3. 1890
  4. 1895
  5. 1930
  6. 1957
  7. 1965
  8. 1971
  9. 1979
  10. 1987
  11. 1990
  12. 1990
  13. 2020
  14. 2020
  1. The beginning

    The genesis of a firm. Pullam Markham Evans rents offices in the City at 2, Gresham Buildings and sends out his very first marketing letter.

  2. A new addition

    John Peirson joins the firm and it is renamed ‘Evans, Peirson & Co’.

  3. Welcoming a neighbour

    Herbert William Alliott starts in the same building.

  4. What is in a name?

    Herbert William Alliott and George Gain become known as ‘Alliott, Gain & Co’.

  5. A meeting of minds

    ‘Alliott, Gain & Co’, and Edward Makepeace become known as ‘Alliott Makepeace’.

  6. Changing location

    Alliott, Makepeace relocates to 73, Basinghall Street, City of London.

  7. Another step forward

    ‘Alliott Makepeace’ becomes ‘Alliott Vernon Smith & Co’.

  8. The critical merger

    ‘Alliott Vernon Smith & Co’ and ‘Evans, Peirson & Co’ become ‘Alliott Peirson’.

  9. Going Global

    A giant stride is taken when ‘Alliott Peirson International’ is formed.

  10. Enter Bullimore

    ‘Alliott Peirson’ becomes ‘Alliott Bullimore’.

  11. Alliotts is born

    ‘Alliott Bullimore becomes Alliotts.

  12. A network emerges

    ‘Alliott Peirson International’ becomes ‘Alliott Group’.

  13. Remaining independent

    Alliotts becomes Alliotts LLP - a firm owned by Partners, nurtured by Partners and with standards set by Partners.

  14. An alliance is formed

    Alliott Group rebrands as Alliott Global Alliance - a global network of independent, law, accounting and specialist advisory firms, working across the world Together as One.