Non-Resident Landlords

If you rent out UK property as a non-resident landlord it is important to be aware of the UK tax implications

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There are strict rules in place regarding the UK tax treatment of rental income received by non-resident landlords.

Our team of tax experts can provide essential guidance on the best approach to managing your tax affairs as a non UK resident landlord; helping to ensure you are compliant with your UK tax obligations and that you are making the most of any tax allowances available.

If you decide to sell or transfer your UK property as a non-resident, our specialists can advise you on the CGT implications and assist with the required filing of a non resident CGT return.

Our experienced team can assist you pre-departure, or once you are resident overseas. The ways in which we provide assistance include:

  • Notifying HMRC of your departure
  • Registering under the non resident landlord scheme with HMRC
  • Establishing your residency status
  • Calculating your taxable profits
  • Advising you on the expenses you can claim to optimise any tax savings
  • Completing and submitting your non resident landlord tax return on your behalf
  • Liaising with HMRC regarding historic tax returns
  • Advising you on the tax treatment of UK property disposals (sale or transfer) and assist with relevant HMRC filings

If you are resident overseas, or about to leave the UK and are unsure about your tax status or obligations as a non-resident landlord, our tax experts can provide essential guidance on the best approach to managing your UK tax affairs as a non-resident landlord. 

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    Non-Resident Landlords



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    Jane is a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant.  She has over 20 years’ experience providing tax advice, planning and compliance services to High Net Worth individuals, families and Trustees.

    Jane advises on a wide range of areas but specialises in:

    • Inheritance/estate tax planning
    • Residence issues around the statutory residence test
    • Probate
    • Personal tax services and advice, including complex tax returns
    Wei Wei | Alliotts


    Manager - Mixed Tax

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    Wei is a qualified tax professional with over 7 years’ experience specialising in providing private client advisory and compliance services to UK and overseas based clients. Wei focuses on her passion assisting non-UK domiciled clients with residency and domicile matters, often in relation to investment in and immigration to the UK. Wei takes a collaborative approach to working with her clients’ other professional advisers, ensuring that her clients are operating well within the rules, whilst making their wealth work in a way that suits their needs.

    Wei was awarded a Distinction from the University of Exeter when studying a Masters in Finance and Investment. She was awarded Dean’s Commendation for her outstanding achievements at the University of Exeter. She also holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Accountancy from the University of Stirling. Wei is also a member of our China Team.

    Languages: Mandarin

    Gerry Hollingsworth | Alliotts


    Personal & Trust Tax Manager

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    Gerry is a Chartered Tax Advisor and Fellow of the Association of Taxation Technicians. He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of private client tax. Gerry works with a wide range of clients, including high net worth individuals in all areas of personal tax including compliance and tax planning.

    Gerry has expertise in the taxation of private businesses and partnerships, all aspects of personal income (including UK and non-UK landlords) and capital gains, and inheritance tax matters.

    In addition, Gerry has a special expertise, coupled with extensive experience, of advising our clients about the implications of tax residency and domicile matters according to individual and personal circumstances in order to enable tax efficient outcomes.

    Gerry is recognised for his ability to build strong relationships with his clients to really understand what is important to them and their families, which enables the best possible support and advice that works for the long term. He takes a proactive approach and provides our clients with clear advice on the complex UK tax rules as they impact their financial transactions.

    Gerry also works with colleagues across the world through connections in our international network, Alliott Global Alliance when there are cross-border issues.