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Creating, developing, and launching your game or app takes time and focus, so the last thing you need is to have to wrap your head around your accounts and tax at the same time. We are a team of specialist accountants who are passionate about gaming and genuinely want to help you turn your game or app into a success.

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We fuel our passion for gaming by surrounding ourselves with people that make them so we find out what they know and we can pass on what you need to know.

Based in London and in the ancestral heart of the UK Gaming scene, known as the ‘Hollywood of gaming’ Guildford we are in the right place to be the first to hear about developments that could affect you.

As a developer you don’t want to waste time on questions such as ‘should I use a flat-rate VAT scheme?’ or ‘how do I claim R&D tax credits?’ You need your accountant to advise you, yes we know about VAT, accounts, payroll and all that stuff, but we also know about how to deal with payments from Apple for app sales. If it’s important to you the world of games and apps, it’s important to us.

We’ve worked with entrepreneurial companies in the gaming world, so we know what it takes to grow, what it takes to continue growing and what it takes to maximise the value of your hard work. To put it simply – we’ll take away the hassle of running a business so you can get back to developing the next big thing.

We’re here to support you at every stage.

Early stage

Setting up an entity and making sure it’s fit for purpose is the starting point.

Getting the right structure for your business is extremely important, as is knowing if or when to issue shares to attract investors. We’ll also make sure you have a Shareholders Agreement in place so all parties are protected whatever happens.

We can help you utilise dedicated government schemes to get your enterprise off to the best start. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) can help make it easier for you to secure investment.


VAT applications; PAYE schemes; payroll; P11d; Human Resource management; Tax advice; Audit services – we can help you with the running of a company

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits and the Video Games Tax Relief schemes are under utilised by many companies who don’t know how to claim. We have claimed thousands of pounds in R&D credits for our clients and we can help you claim what you are entitled to.

While developing you may need to register patents to protect your work. Thanks to the UK Patent Box scheme you are now able to pay less Corporation Tax on all income generated by these patented innovations –Our experienced specialists can help you with this.

Future plans

No-one wants their Game or App to die but there may come a time where you want to sell up and move on. Our in-house Corporate Finance team can help you plan your exit, and being in-house means we will know your business and can achieve the outcome you want.

We guarantee that every piece of work we do for you will receive the direct supervision of the same specialist partner.

Looking to go global? As founding members of Alliott Global Alliance we are able to replicate our services worldwide.

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    Game & App Developers



    View Chris's profile

    In his capacity as a business advisor to fast growing businesses Chris often works in the technology and space sectors.

    Alongside support with accountancy and tax, clients in these sectors look to Chris for high level advice on setting up in the UK, company structuring, tax reliefs and on M&A transactions. Chris is driven by working towards a successful outcome for his clients, and taking their business challenges on as his own, is relentless in finding solutions that will work.

    Chris is regularly invited to present on investing in the UK at events hosted overseas.





    View Andrew's profile

    Game & App developers

    Andrew has led initiatives in the gaming sector to push the firm’s exposure and advised established and early stage gaming companies in setting up and how to take advantage of key tax reliefs such as Video Game Tax Relief.

    Andrew has helped mentor gaming start ups as part of the Game Changer programme sponsored by Games London including providing presentations and guidance on a proactive approach to getting investment and how to best manage the finances of an early stage start up.

    For gaming companies that are established, Andrew has advised on sales as well as assisting in the implementation of share schemes to incentivise new talent and senior staff to join the business.




    View Luke's profile

    Luke is a partner within our Corporate Finance and Outsourced Business Services teams.

    Luke’s approach is to invest time in understanding the client’s objectives and uses his expertise and experience to help the client achieve this.

    Luke particularly enjoys working with growing businesses and has experience in dealing with clients of a range of sizes, from large private equity firms to startups.

    Luke is also honoured to have been recognised in the 2021 Accountancy Age ’35 under 35′ awards, which showcases the rising talent in the industry who are making great contributions to both their firms and field.