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Cobots? Co-working Robots?

Will we all be working alongside robots anytime soon?

24 Feb 2022

Robots in an industrial setting are nothing new. However, we are quickly moving towards the new generation of industrial robots, which will include real coworking machines. Some automotive factories are already implementing this approach, in which there are no physical safety barriers between robots and people. Robots and human employees working together on the same project at the same time. This working method saves floor space, time and money.

The biggest concern about coworking robots is safety. They will be operating close to people, and so will need many sensors as a safety measure. These sensors will need to be connected to a centralised computer allowing operators to monitor all robots in one location. The challenges will be implementing a working system that can deal with this along with the processing of a large amount of data at rapid speed.

Will we all be working alongside robots anytime soon? In short, highly unlikely.

Coworking robots are useful deployed in certain workplaces. In manufacturing, coworking robots can save some time, with people working on one part of the product while the robot works on another area at the same time. For example, a robot could be installing a door onto a car, while its human co-worker could be finishing up another task on the same car.

When a solution to the centralised management of large amounts of data is available the cobot may appear beside you in your workplace.  It will make for some very interesting water cooler conversations.

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