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Sharing knowledge and expertise with our international associates

Alliott Global Alliance EMEA Regional Conference in Bulgaria was an excellent forum for learning, networking, and exploring common business opportunities.

20 May 2024

I had the privilege of attending the 2024 EMEA Regional Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 14th to 17th, representing Alliotts LLP with fellow partners David Gibbs, Sudheer Gupta and Luke Bath. Hosted at the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia, the conference gathered 85 delegates from 54 firms across 31 countries, providing a platform for learning, networking, and exploring common business opportunities.

Alliott Global Alliance. Together as One

The event kicked off with a welcoming address by Giles Brake, CEO of Alliott Global Alliance (AGA), emphasising the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the challenges facing our professions. The conference theme, ‘Together as One,’ resonated throughout the sessions, reflecting our collective commitment to progress and unity.

The importance of ESG, adopting technology and developing people

A significant highlight was the keynote speech by Pamela Cone, Founder and CEO of Amity Advisory, on the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Her insights into integrating ESG into business operations underscored the urgency of adopting these practices to ensure long-term viability and success.

As an accountant, I attended several impactful sessions, including:

  • Developing Alliance-wide Technology to Bring Us Closer Together: This session introduced AGAOne, our new digital platform designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency within the alliance.
  • The Digital Economy: New Challenges and Opportunities for Accountants and Our Clients: Moderated by Selim Ozutez and featuring panellists including David Gibbs, this session explored the transition to the digital economy and its implications for our industry. David shared Alliotts LLP’s experiences and insights on navigating these changes and leveraging digital opportunities.
    L-R. Moderator Selim Ozutez, AGA CEO Giles Brake, David Gibbs, Aleksander Widowski, and J Balasubramaniam.


  • Developing our Future Leaders: This session focused on strategies for retaining and developing talent within our firms, discussing successful approaches and the role of the AGA in supporting recruitment and retention.

 The second day of the conference was equally engaging, featuring discussions on:

  • ESG: Be Ready for the Inevitable: Pamela Cone led a keynote and panel discussion on how firms can prepare for and integrate ESG practices into their operations.
L-R Vladimír Sršeň, Susan Ryan, Majken Korsgaard, Sudheer Gupta.


  • The Four Key Pillars of Using LinkedIn: Louise Brogan provided insights on leveraging LinkedIn to build business profiles and networks.
  • My Business is Great. But is it Perfect? And Are My Professionals Perfect?: Simon McCrum facilitated a workshop exploring how firms can enhance their services, reward staff efforts, and achieve greater profitability while contributing positively to society.
  • A Practical Assessment for Professional Firms: Microsoft Co-pilot: Jeremy Hyman discussed the practical applications of Microsoft Co-pilot in professional settings, exploring how AI can streamline operations and improve efficiency.

 Throughout the conference we also enjoyed ample networking opportunities to connect with our peers across different regions and professions.

Attending this conference provided me with a comprehensive overview of current industry trends, particularly the increasing importance of ESG standards and digital transformation. The collaborative spirit and shared knowledge among attendees reinforced the value of belonging to a global alliance like AGA.

Overall, the 2024 EMEA Regional Conference in Sofia was a testament to the power of unity and innovation in driving our professions forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Alliotts LLP and look forward to implementing the insights gained to enhance our firm’s practices and client service.

It was great to spend time with Alliott Global Alliance associates


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