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Reflection on AGA Leadership Training

Continuous learning is essential to personal development and attending the AGA Impact Academy Programme has contributed to my development

18 Jun 2024

In June 2024, I had the privilege of participating in the Alliott Global Alliance Impact Academy in Dublin along with my colleagues Dayu Li, Patrick Smith, Natalie Patel and Claire Bradford . I am sincerely thankful for the exceptional coaching provided by Elisabet Vinberg Hearn and Joanna Keeling. Their insightful sessions, delivered with remarkable engagement and enthusiasm, significantly contributed to my personal and professional development.

During these two days, I have experienced substantial growth in my leadership and networking abilities, particularly through the application of the six superchargers: strategy, inclusion, connectivity, collective intelligence, learning, and agility. These superchargers empower leaders to effectively influence people, and I have identified areas where I am strong as well as those where I could benefit from further development.

I recognise that continuous learning is one of the most essential skills for a successful leader. Additionally, I have learned that networking plays a considerably larger role compared to performance and development in becoming an effective leader. Specifically, we were trained on how to connect with unfamiliar individuals by spending three minutes asking questions to learn general details about them, followed by having lunch together to explore further. We were given the opportunity to practice this technique during the training session, which proved to be highly valuable.

I had the privilege of connecting with numerous esteemed professionals from various countries and fields within the AGA network. A particularly memorable experience was establishing a connection with my buddy, a tax manager from the US, both professionally and personally. Given that I often work with clients who need to file both UK and US tax returns, this connection presents an opportunity for future collaboration on clients’ US tax affairs, enhancing the services we provide and adding value to our firm.

Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Ireland’s vibrant culture during the city tour. This type of training program offers an innovative approach to development, facilitating efficient learning and interaction with people from diverse countries and cultures. It helps us grow both personally and professionally, equipping us with the skills to contribute more effectively to our firm.

In conclusion, the Alliott Global Alliance Impact Academy in Dublin was an invaluable experience, significantly enhancing my leadership and networking capabilities and providing opportunities for future collaboration and growth.

Alliotts attendees with course leaders Elisabet Vinberg Hearn and Joanna Keeling

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