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Taxation of property

Buy to let landlords have various tax implications to consider when investing in property.

1 Nov 2023

The last year has not been particularly kind for buy-to-let landlords, with property prices falling in real terms and mortgage costs increasing. However, there have been some recent positive signs: mortgage rates look to be easing, with the bank base rate held after 14 consecutive rises, and the government has backtracked over the introduction of energy performance targets for landlords. On top of this, rents continue to remain high, with an increase of over 5% across the UK in the year to June 2023. In Scotland, landlords are having to deal with a temporary rent cap and moratorium on evictions, with these measures running until 31 March 2024. The Welsh government has also consulted on possible rent controls. All of this adds up to difficult decisions for anyone looking to enter the buy-to let market as a new landlord.

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Taxation of property

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