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Innovate UK Smart Grant – how we helped our client claim

Our Grant Audit team's responsive service

19 Jul 2021

A client was referred to us in January 2021, they needed an Independent Accountant’s Report for an Innovate UK Smart Grant claim.

Due to the size of the claim, the client only needed an Independent Accountant’s Report for the final claim of allowable costs relating to the grant.

We requested supporting information for the grant submission figures assembled by the client and we were provided with the supporting payroll reports and invoices.

Following our review, we were able to prepare our Independent Accountant’s Report and provide a copy of this to the client. The client then submitted our Report to Innovate UK., alongside their submission.

The client was very happy with the speed at which we prepated the Accountant’s Report and the responsiveness of our team who completed the work.

About our team

Our specialist Grant Audit team are experienced in completing Independent Accountant’s Reports for the recipients of grants. We work with a full range of organisations auditing grants in varying amounts from well known government bodies and other lesser known funders. We understand that there are often tight deadlines involved, and are flexible in making sure we meet them.

If you would like to talk about how we can help you, please contact me.

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