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Exploring Xerocon 2024: A Deep Dive into the Future of Accounting

The Alliotts Outsourcing team recently had the pleasure of attending Xerocon London 2024 at the ExCeL Centre

19 Jun 2024

By Patrick Smith

Description: Xerocon 2024. Photo showing Patrick and Harvey crouching in front of a Xerocon sign

Description: Xerocon 2024. Photo showing Patrick and Harvey crouching in front of a Xerocon sign

The Alliotts Outsourcing team recently had the pleasure of attending Xerocon London 2024 at the ExCeL Centre. This premier event showcased the latest innovations and trends in the accounting world, and we were thrilled to be part of it. The theme of this year’s expo centered around the transformative power of technology and AI, and we came away with some incredible insights and new tools that are set to revolutionise accounting practices.

Innovation and the Power of AI

One of the standout moments at Xerocon was seeing firsthand how technology and AI are becoming increasingly integral to the business landscape. Xero, the event’s organiser, unveiled some truly exciting features:

  • Just Ask Xero (JAX): This generative AI business companion will allow users to interact with their data more easily than ever before. We were impressed by how intuitive and user-friendly this tool promises to be.
  • Tap to Pay: This feature is designed to make payments seamless and stress-free, streamlining one of the most crucial aspects of business operations.

These innovations underscore the importance of leveraging AI to automate and streamline processes, a sentiment shared by all event partners.

Automation and Streamlining Processes

Automation was a major focus at Xerocon 2024. We saw numerous partners showcasing their solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency in financial operations. ApprovalMax stood out with its ability to simplify the creation of robust financial controls across accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) by digitising approval workflows. They are also in the process of integrating invoice capture and payment systems directly with Xero, which will further enhance their range.

The Buzz Around App-Stacking

App-stacking was another hot topic, with finance leaders sharing insightful stories about their preferred Xero apps and integrations. The key to success lies in identifying areas where a practice/business excels or needs improvement and choosing standardised, well-connected applications to drive efficiency. Often, only one or two well-chosen apps are needed to make significant improvements without overcomplicating things.

Breaking the Stereotypes

Xerocon wasn’t all about accountancy and tech. We had the chance to engage in fun and creative activities, such as creating AI music tracks and artwork, as well as playing football with Lioness Karen Carney. Let’s also not forget the Xerocon party! These activities reminded us of the importance of balancing technology with meaningful human interactions and having a bit of fun along the way.

The Human Connection

Despite the heavy focus on AI and technology, the biggest takeaway from Xerocon 2024 was the enduring value of meaningful connections and human relationships. As the accounting industry continues to advance, maintaining these connections will be crucial for success.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about cloud accounting or how you can utilise AI in your business, please get in touch with a member of our technology team. At Alliotts, we are committed to helping you navigate the future of accounting with innovative solutions and personalised support.

Attending Xerocon 2024 was an eye-opening experience for us at Alliotts, reinforcing our belief that while technology is vital, the human touch remains irreplaceable. We look forward to implementing what we’ve learned and helping our clients benefit from these exciting advancements.

Xerocon light show in the main show area

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