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Team Alliotts and the Three Peaks Challenge

Alliotts take on the Three Peaks - the journey so far

18 May 2022

The Mission

On 17th June a team from Alliotts (who spend most of their days sitting down) are attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge in aid of Prevent Breast Cancer. The challenge is to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within a twenty four hour time frame (a total hike of 37km in distance with 3km of elevation).

All funds raised will go to our chosen charity Prevent Breast Cancer. Alliotts supports Prevent’s goal to predict, prevent and protect future generations from Breast Cancer following the loss of a colleague Debbie Rennox.

If you would like to donate towards our goal and support our efforts to raise as much money as we can for the valuable work of Prevent please visit our Justgiving page:

Our journey so far…

Shalford 3 Peaks – 19 February (13km distance – 500m elevation)

Starting the first training day during storm Eunice seemed to be an omen; with train stations closed; trees collapsed over our route; and winds that would whip an ungrounded child into the skies, we plodded on. Our resident marathon runner David Lilley was lost out in the wilds for a couple of hours but that suited everyone, until of course he caught up.

The hike was a barometer of how good a team we have. Everyone turned up and pushed on in great spirits. We enjoyed a well-earned rest at the end in Ian Gibbon’s home followed by a fire-side lodging in the local pub (the King’s Head) until our undergarments fully dried out.

Staines to Kingston on the Thames – 26 March (25km distance – 400m elevation)

The walk on the Thames turned out to not only be a nice step up in distance but also a really stunning discovery of the Thames side area including a rocky local ferry ride at Walton-on-Thames and circling around Hampton Court Palace.

the team walking along the thames

Liss – 16 April (26km distance – 700m elevation)

The hilliest walk yet. The team rested at the hill’s peak, befriending, Jimmy a local dog who became our mentor. We arrived halfway along at a pub to find they were not serving food. Some of the team doubled up on liquid intake. I can’t remember much of the walk from there. I’m sure it was great.

team walking up a hillThe team in a field

Surrey 3 Peaks – 23 April (40km distance – 1.1km elevation)

Daunting. The longest distance any of us had walked. Kicking off at 9am and wound our way up and down the hills around Dorking including Box Hill, Holmbury Hill and Leith Hill.

There was nearly a mutiny when the only pub on the hike had an electricity fault 10 minutes before we got there. This called for Drastic action, everyone agreed to pool their rations and share them. The Sherpa (me) turned out to not know his left from his right, which can be an issue when leading a walk.  The resulting extra 5km didn’t go unnoticed.

By the end I was so proud of the team, the achievement remains incredible, walking for nearly 11 hours with little food and with barely a pit stop, what can stop us now?

the team by a river, on stepping stonesbeautiful view over the hills 

The Team

Alex Poynor (Team Leader aka “the Sherpa”) – “Having seen the amazing work Prevent Breast Cancer do first-hand and having a deep-rooted passion for constantly challenging myself physically I decided to set up the challenge and enlist others also passionate about both elements; the challenge and the charity. With my father and many of my family being overwhelmed eventually by cancer my passion burns deeply to succeed in helping others avoid that same fate and in living life to its maximum.”

Haoyang – “I took part in the challenge as I want to give an example for my children to be brave to conquer mountains, similar as to overcome difficulties in life. I would not regret if I have tried and I am sure that I would be proud when I recall this experience. I wish I can be successful to complete the three peaks challenge in memory of my beloved mum (left me many years ago due to breast cancer) and raise money for breast cancer prevention and treatments.”

Jacob Baxter – “aka Mr Motivator is doing the challenge to provide plenty of positive energy for the troops”

Liz Bennett – “I’m doing the 3 Peaks hike to help out a well deserving charity, and to push myself to do something I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do. Being able to do it alongside my friends and colleagues is an added bonus.”

Ian Gibbon – “I am doing the challenge to experience what a fabulous place the UK is, to take my overall fitness to a level that will improve the quality of my life and to be reminded of my good fortune to have health to enable me to accept this challenge”

David Lilley – “The reason that I am taking part in this hike is because I like a challenge, something that will push me outside of my boundaries. I’m also a big advocate of making new experiences in life and this definitely matches those criteria”

Shannon O’Farrell – “I have always wanted to do the Three Peaks challenge and having the opportunity to do it for such an important cause makes it all the more special. It is an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and make some lasting memories”

Justin Williams – “I signed up for this challenge to recapture my ‘younger’ hiking days, help support my fellow hikers along the way and raise some funds for a worthwhile charity. Hoping that it won’t be a sprint down Snowdon to the finish!”

Jane Thackstone – “My reason for undertaking the 3 Peaks is I love a challenge especially if exercise related!  I also have a couple of friends who have gone/going through treatment for breast cancer so raising funds for Prevent is close to my heart.”

Flora Windebank – “I have always loved a physical challenge and the chance to see so many beautiful places in the UK was not to be missed, especially when paired with raising money for such a great charity. I have also greatly enjoyed getting to know my colleagues in such a positive setting”

Ben Scott – “The opportunity to raise money for an incredibly important cause as well as challenging myself to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge was something I couldn’t turn down. The training and event have reinforced how vital exercising and friendship is to overall health and we would love to help other people by raising as much money as possible as part of this challenge.”

Patrick Smith – “I enjoy long walks along the beach but I thought I’d mix it up.”

Sarah Messruther – “The cause is quite close to our hearts, so we hope our support can help research into preventing breast cancer. The challenge will be tough but it is also a good target to work toward to inspire us all to get out and about in the countryside and get more exercise (which cannot be a bad thing). We have been walking together and individually for the last few months to prepare, so I have a lot of faith that we will make a good showing. Fingers crossed for good traffic conditions!”

If you would like to donate to this cause, please click here –

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