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Greatest Christmas Movies and Songs

I asked Alliotts Media Team to reveal their favourite seasonal films and songs

14 Dec 2022

The Christmas season highlights the significance of Movies and Music in our lives. The musical backdrop to those shopping trips, desperately searching for last minute gifts, and the round of Christmas parties, is typically the sounds of Wham, Wizard, Elton John and Greg Lake etc.

When the family finally sit down together having opened their well-chosen presents and finished their Christmas lunch, someone will put on a film. It will be one that all the family enjoys or be told they will enjoy.  Those who find the stress and strain getting too much, can hide away and watch that film, one that reassures them that all will be well in this manic world.  That film, and you know which one it is for you, is like re-visiting an old, trusted friend.

So, to get into the festive mood I asked Alliotts Media Team to reveal their favourite seasonal films and songs. So here are the films, a few usual suspects with a few curve balls.

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. Well, not a movie in the strictest sense but in this disruptive world and changing landscape the old rules do not always apply, especially in Media

In my blog last week I commented that Stage 32 advised filmmakers to ask themselves `Why Now? Well, this could, and perhaps should, have been said in 1946 when ‘It`s a Wonderful Life’ was released. The film, perhaps one of the greatest and most loved movies of all time was a box office flop when released. It came out just after World War II ended. At this time audiences were looking for more upbeat, jubilant films. Years after its release the film started being shown on TV, since then its following has grown and grown. And what a great film it is.

We are seeing the growth of cinema from all around the world. Hollywood’s monopoly has long gone. Films such as Parasite and series such as Squid Games bear this out. It’s no surprise perhaps to see a Finnish film, ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’ chosen by our Tech Guru, Gordon Soutar. No, I have not seen it either, but I have already put it on my Santa List.

Cinema is and has always been innovative and capable of re-inventing genres. This is borne out by the ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’. Gregory Ellis, the thinking man’s Auditor, comments that this is `the most accurate retelling with not only scenes but text and narration direct from the original text`. I was interested to read that Michael Caine who played Scrooge said `I’m going to play this movie like I`m working with the Royal Shakespeare Company’.

Our favourite Christmas tunes were

  • Fairytale of New York – The Pogues
  • Do they know it’s Christmas? – Band Aid
  • Little Drummer Boy – Bing Crosby and David Bowie
  • Let it Snow – Frank Sinatra
  • Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
  • Love is all Around – Billy Mack from Love Actually
  • A Little Bit of Christmas – Natalie Williams

I took some time to read through the lyrics from Fairytale of New York, they read better than a soap opera, and with more passion. I would have liked to highlight a few lines but to be honest I did not know where to start, if you get a moment they are worth a read. The song was written as a bet between Shane McGowan and Elvis Costello that The Pogues couldn’t release a non-sentimental Christmas tune.  In the video that accompanies the tune, you’ll notice Matt Dillon playing a cop running up the stairs, with MacGowan playing the drunk he’s taking to the cell.

The joining together of most of the famous voices of the 80’s to record the fundraising `Do They Know it`s` Christmas?’  as a follow up to the groundbreaking LiveAid that Summer in 1985 always sends a shiver down my spine. And what an intro!

Media never sleeps. Check out some new Christmas songs by Natalie Williams. I saw her perform

‘A little bit of Christmas’ on Monday at Ronnie Scotts, a lovely lady and great artist.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank all our clients, friends and anyone else who knows us for another great year working together. On behalf of Alliotts Media Team I wish you all a Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.

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