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The Great Content Gold Rush

The current situation can’t be described better

9 Dec 2022

‘The Great Content Gold Rush’ – This is the best summing up of what’s going on in the Media Sector, the current situation can’t be described better. Sadly, I can’t claim credit for this spot on quote. The author is Richard Botto (RB), founder of Stage 32, the social and educational site for creative professionals involved in film, TV and theatre.

Sam Ampah and I heard a presentation by Stage 32 this week at the Focus Event in Islington, London. Two things that have changed beyond recognition since I was growing up in North London, are Islington itself, and media content.

The team at Stage 32 threw out that Netflix is committed to spending $19billion on production next year, whilst Disney (great to see Bob Iger back in the driving seat) has committed a mighty $32billion. The mind boggles at these immense investments and what they represent in terms of the number of movies and shows, let alone the number of people who’ll need to be fully employed to deliver them. Stage 32 focused on how producers and creatives need to pitch to the likes of Netflix.

As you’d expect there were several gems shared, Netflix subscriptions are practically maxed out in the US, so they now need to build outside America. For this they need local content that is relevant to that region, whilst working for the US audience. RB commented that streamers have heard very similar ideas ‘a million times’.  What they need to see, and engage with, are unique and refreshing ways to tell a story. The producer needs to remind themselves ‘Why You’ and ‘Why Now’.

Sam and I enjoyed meeting and catching up with friends and clients, all said they got a lot from the event. The British Film Institute (BFI), the British Film Commission and Creative England were also there providing ever valuable support, guidance and advice to film makers.

As a footnote to the Media Sector, `The tide continues to rise, and all ships are rising with it`

Happy Days.

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