12 Apr 2021 11:15 AM

Employment tribunal compensation rates increased from 6 April 2021. From this date, the following rates apply:

• Max week’s pay for redundancy pay purposes: from £538 to £544
• Statutory guarantee pay: staying at £30.

This means that:
• Maximum statutory redundancy pay is £16,320
• Maximum unfair dismissal basic award pay is £16,320
• Unfair dismissal compensatory award is a maximum of 52 weeks’ pay, subject to new maximum of: £89,493.

From 4 April 2021, the rate for statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, parental bereavement and shared
parental pay has increased from £151.20 to £151.97 per week.

Additionally, the rate of statutory sick pay (SSP) increased from £95.85 to £96.35 per week from 6 April 2021.

The average earnings an employee has to earn to receive these payments remains the same at £120 per week.

On 1 April 2021, the national minimum wage rates increased. As a reminder, the new rates are as follows:

Workers aged 23 and over (National Living Wage) £8.91 per hour
Workers aged 21-22 £8.36 per hour
Development rates for workers aged 18–20 £6.56 per hour
Young workers rate for workers aged 16–17 £4.62 per hour
Apprentices under 19, or over 19 and in first year of the apprenticeship £4.30 per hour

Also from this date, the National Living Wage, the highest rate for the minimum wage, is extended
out to all those over the age of 23.

If you have any questions relating to the above please contact us for further advice.