Making your vision work financially as well as creatively is hard work. Our team of specialist media accountants and tax advisors are more than just number crunchers, we have a passion for your sector; we understand how it works and exactly what support you need to be successful.

We’ve been working with the film industry since the 1960s, so we’re not newcomers, we’ve built up an impressive catalogue of experience. Our clients have included cult niche productions to international Oscar winning films.

It doesn’t stop there, we have close links with the music industry, with performers, composers and publishers. We also work with clients in TV and theatre, both on the screen and behind the scenes, including agents and casting directors.


  • Film production
  • TV Production
  • Theatre Lighting
  • Transport and logistics


  • Film and TV Directors
  • Film and TV Producers
  • Actors and performers
  • Authors and writers
  • Casting agents
  • Costume designers
  • Musicians and composers

More than just Media Accountants and Tax Advisors

We know that a successful relationship goes beyond services and technical ability. You will choose to work with people who understand and speak your language, people you don’t have to explain things to.

You need the reassurance of working with advisors who understand your challenges and who have the experience to be able to provide you with the specialist financial and tax solutions that you need, without you having to ask.

We know you need more than that, you need….

Our commitment to your success

We have the technical ability you need and experience and sector knowledge you want, but most importantly we are interested in you and what you are doing, and are as eager for you to achieve success as you are. That’s our commitment to you.  

As John Lennon asked at The Beatles' last live gig ‘Did we pass that audition?’ 

Our specialist services for media companies and individuals

Tax Services for Media Companies


  • British Film Tax Certification
  • International tax and withholding tax advice
  • VAT registration, returns and refunds
  • Corporation Tax
  • Personal Tax. Our specialist tax team advise on the HMRC rules regarding the often difficult area of the definition of employed and self-employed income.
  • EIS and SEIS certification
  • Tax Credit Advances

Outsourced Services for Media Companies

  • Production Accounting
  • Budget reporting – development, pre production, production and post production
  • Payroll
  • Book keeping
  • Compliance
  • Distribution and Film Royalty Audits
  • Production Company Audit
  • Advisory
  • Production cost Certification
  • EIS advice and company structures
  • Intellectual property
  • Gap Finance 

If you are doing business or working overseas, possibly in more than one territory, the good news is that we can still help you. As members of Alliott Global Alliance, an international alliance of independent accountancy and law firms represented worldwide, we can provide similar services on a global scale.

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Ian Gibbon
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David Gibbs
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