Rosemary specialises in encouraging organisations to improve business success by adopting good leadership and governance practices. Creative HR solutions are designed to retain, motivate, and develop people.

On meeting a new client, Rosemary’s work usually starts with obtaining a detailed knowledge of the organisation or business;

  • why your organisation exists,
  • what your organisation achieves and
  • what your organisation aspires to achieve.

With this level of understanding Rosemary will begin with compliance matters, providing documentation (entirely bespoke contracts); the foundation of employment relationships.

When Company policies are applied consistently, they define the culture of an organisation and create a sense of common purpose. With a full understanding of the desired mutual expectations of the employer/employee relationship, bespoke policies are drafted. For example the organisation’s benefits strategy, must be fit for purpose and should be designed to enable the organisation to attract and retain the best talent.

Rosemary is experienced in dealing with sensitive matters such as redundancy, TUPE, disciplinary and matters of grievance. She provides employers with advice and guidance with a view to reducing the risks of claims against the business. As a qualified mediator, by providing an objective view of any given set of circumstances, Rosemary can often help to resolve potentially damaging and costly situations.

Rosemary’s experience, knowledge, understanding of employment law and best practice underpins the HR service; it helps clients to manage the strategic employment related aspects of their businesses lawfully, commercially and in the interests of fairness.

Rosemary has developed a broad range of training toolkits for soft skills training and interactive workshops.

  • HR Compliance e.g. contracts, policies and procedures
  • Business Strategy (aligning corporate goals to team and individual goals)
  • TUPE, Redundancy and Change management
  • Employment law and HR management
  • Organisational Development
  • Commercial HR advice
  • Grievance and disciplinary
  • Dispute resolution and Mediation
  • Lawful recruitment & selection
  • Leadership & Management Development

Spring 2003

Joined Alliotts

December 2003

  • Fellow Member - Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

Rosemary’s passion is travel. In recent years she has enjoyed warmer climates in America, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Being very inquisitive (or nosy), Rosemary enjoys reading accounts of real lives and meeting people; learning about cultures and what prompts and drives behaviour. She says she is lucky to have a career, which has allowed her formerly to apply this passion to society (as a police officer) and later to commercial business in a variety of sectors and organisations.

Rosemary is a member of a local choral society and she enjoys pilates, playing badminton and going for long walks in the Surrey countryside.

Rosemary Hedgecock
Friary Court
13-21 High Street
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