Are you missing out on the chance to maximise tax efficiencies? Or is your business vulnerable to costly legal conflicts?

A properly structured business is not only at its optimum to avoid any legal conflicts that could arise, but it ensures that it is in the best position to make the most of appropriate tax reliefs and incentives.

Paying attention to the legal aspects of company structures, contracts, and agreements will help ensure that matters are clearly defined and understood whilst also avoiding any costly and unpleasant conflicts.

Providing practical and clear guidance supported by case studies, our tax and legal experts show you how to create a structure that helps maximise tax efficiency and avoid expensive legal conflicts.

You'll hear about the role of business structures in:

  • Exit planning
  • Investment
  • M&A
  • International expansion
  • Tax reliefs and incentives

You'll find out about the importance of:

  • Directors and shareholder duties
  • Avoiding personal liability
  • Shareholders’ agreements

Our Experts

Narinder Hothi, Griffin Law

An associate at Griffin Law, Narinder advises clients on a wide variety of litigious issues. She is especially knowledgeable in the areas of professional negligence, breach of contract and contentious probate, however she has the expertise to be able to provide support on any contentious matter. View Narinder's profile.

Clair Dart, Alliotts LLP

Clair is an associate at Alliotts and a corporate tax specialist. She works with business owners on all areas of corporate tax planning and compliance matters, including VAT. Tax advice and services delivered by Clair at every stage of the business cycle helps business owners meet their corporate objectives. View Clair's profile.

Who should attend: Business owners of business in all sectors.

Takeaways: An understanding of the importance, from tax and legal perspectives, of a properly structured business.

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Event Details
14 Sep 2021
12:00 PM
Alliotts LLP