12 Sep 2017 2:01 PM

Will augmented reality improve our driving experience and help the government realise their pledge to move towards electric vehicles by 2040?

The UK government has revealed they plan to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars completely by 2040 to match Emmanuel Macron’s efforts across the Channel.

The French president has taken action to help his country meet its targets under the Paris climate accord, a move that came hot on the heels of Volvo’s announcement that after 2019 they would only make fully electric or hybrid cars.

Somewhat understandably that decision was hailed as the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine’s dominance of motor transport after more than a century.  But, what does it really tell us about the likely future for the motor vehicle industry?

 Car being driving with augmented reality features in the HUD

Image source: Vitaly Ponomarev, WayRay. August 23, 2017 11:11 PM

Well, alongside the increased production of electric vehicles, there has also been a concerted move towards driverless cars.  Audi recently introduced the A8, a model with level 3 driverless capabilities with level 3 defined as:

“Drivers are still necessary … but are able to completely shift “safety-critical functions” to the vehicle, under certain traffic or environmental conditions.”

And according to reports other car manufacturers are now committed to reach the same milestone by 2018.

Could augmented be key to the development of driverless cars and the electric cars of the future?

According to WayRay, an augmented reality auto company, true augmented reality will become main stream in the motor vehicle industry within the next seven years and by “true” augmented reality they mean AR that shows virtual objects integrated with the real environment and visible at various depths.  This could mean they are integrated with vehicles’ windscreens potentially allowing that particular transparent surface to become a hardware platform (as is demonstrated in the image above).

If augmented reality is incorporated into electric vehicles it will add a space age feel to our driving experience and persuade us all to rush out to buy the car of the future. 



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