01 Dec 2016 3:06 PM

In our last issue, following the Yorkshire Building Society suggestion that if sellers took on the stamp duty burden it would help first time buyers get on the property ladder, we ran a poll, asking 'Should sellers, not buyers pay stamp duty?' Opinion was equally divided, with 50% voting yes, and 50% voting no.

We would throw a third suggestion into the mix. Why not make the liability joint with the buyer and seller paying half each? This would hopefully make each of them think they were getting a good deal either by paying less than they would under the old system or under the new proposed system! 

Since our poll The Daily Telegraph have launched a campaign to convince the Government that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the stamp duty system wanting to make the tax much more flexible. One of their suggestions was to charge different rates in different parts of the country.

Stamp duty is clearly an issue that everyone seems to have an opinion on and any changes which are made are unlikely to make everyone happy.