21 Sep 2017 11:05 AM

No one is probably more surprised than the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond himself that he will be announcing the Autumn Budget on 22 November. 

Since the Budget earlier this year in March, it’s certainly been turbulent; we’ve had a general election resulting in a Conservative minority government underpinned by the DUP and there have been rumours of ‘disquiet’ amongst the Cabinet.  

With the Brexit negotiations now well underway ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ will have a conflict on his hands, that of managing the domestic economy whilst making financial preparations for our exit.  In his March Budget he didn’t use the word Brexit once, those of us who play Budget Bingo will be keen to see if the word features in his announcements on 22 November.

I suspect that this Budget will be more interesting than those of late and the Chancellor has a real challenge ahead. This is one Budget that is likely to put his excel skills to the test! 

I'll be following the Budget closely on the day and we'll be publishing a summary of the announcements soon after, which will be available on our website.