06 Feb 2018 10:19 AM

With eleven major satellite launches during the month of January, and many more planned throughout the remainder of 2018 investment in space exploration is an area that is now seen as crucial to innovation and progress.

The information that we get from satellites contributes to knowledge and data in a wide range of disciplines including agricultural patterns, climate change, the ice cap and natural disasters. Space technology increases the speed of innovation and disrupts what we already know.

Many countries are participating in the quest for space exploration, with the two best known the US and Russia being joined by investment from India, Japan, China and Europe.

2018 is certain to be an exciting time for learning and innovation through space technology. To read about the planned satellite launches and their missions, please go to https://www.geospatialworld.net/blogs/schedule-2018-satellite-launches

I am currently working to advise businesses in the space industry from our aptly named ‘satellite’ office in Harwell. We assist them on a range of areas including setting up in the UK, tax, accounting and the various UK tax reliefs and incentives available.

I’m also excited to be attending the 2018 Space Symposium in Colorado Springs again this year, where I’ll get to hear about the latest developments from thought leaders in the international space industry; so watch this space for an update.