15 Jan 2015 12:00 AM

The 2014 Charity Property Matters Survey (conducted by the Ethical Property Foundation) certainly seems to suggest it is.
The survey, conducted in partnership with the Charity Commission provides an insight into the property needs and challenges of the voluntary sector in England and Wales. [read the full survey]

In summary the survey revealed that

45% of the 282 respondents specifically said that property was their biggest concern and the area of greatest risk to their charity’s long-term future.

At the top of the list of concerns was finding suitable premises.

2 in every 5 charities saying that finding the funds required to pay for those premises was becoming increasingly difficult.

There was also concern that landlords are becoming less and less flexible when it comes to renting to charities, both in terms of negotiating and rent and terms.

As a result, 47% of the charities who responded to the survey said that either were already or were considering sharing premises with other charities to reduce their property worries.

That said 44% of the respondents did say they enjoyed discounted rents and 69% said they still received discretionary rates relief.

However, what was lacking for many organisations was access to professional advice,

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