13 Jun 2019 5:06 PM

Film London is an official partner of the BFI network, which discovers and supports talented writers, directors and producers at the start of their careers and is supported by BFI network lottery funding.  Film London has launched its inaugural lists of Lodestars, honorary 25 innovative filmmakers.

The city provides a full service hub for screen industries and a gateway to the rest of the UK.  Film London plays a vital role in co-ordinating London’s variety of assets, promoting the artistic and cultural excellence of London’s movie business, both nationally and internationally and actively championing diversity and industry to reflect the true spirit of our capital.

Finally it is interesting to note how tourism is becoming an essential part of London industry, with films such as ‘Mission Impossible – Fallout’ and TV series like ‘The Crown’, showcasing the city’s diverse locations.  Can we ever forget the image of James Bond, transporting the Queen to the 2012 Olympics? 

London attracts almost 30m visitors per year – many lured here by the sights and scenes they see on the silver screen.