19 May 2019 4:33 PM

For those with deep pockets, punters can have access to the most sought after and coveted events. As the Alliotts team came to Cannes to Thursday, tickets for the Rocketman premiere were being touted in the streets of Cannes for $5,000 to $6,000.

Other purported ticket prices include $5,000 for ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ and snag access to the Vanity Fair bash for $11,000.

What is interesting is that some of these events are exclusive, invite-only so it should not be possible to acquire these tickets - yet it is being done and people seem to be able to get themselves into the events with said tickets.

Prices that would bring tears to most people's eyes but if you had a yacht docked in the Cote d'Azur worth millions, what's a few thousand dollars here and there!

However this cannot be considered a good or worthy trend and is frankly worrying.