11 Feb 2020 12:09 PM

On Tuesday 11 February 2020, Alliotts will collaborate with five European based firms from our international alliance (Alliott Group) to sponsor the Expat Academy’s European Super-Huddle in Amsterdam. 

The conference at The Hilton Amsterdam will bring the alliance’s experts in tax, social security, immigration, payroll and compliance advisory services together with approximately 100 global mobility and HR directors from an impressive range of public and private companies who face challenges in ensuring their global mobility programmes remain compliant and ahead of the game in a fast-changing global business world. Corporate and vendor attendees will engage in a day of learning, connecting and sharing.

Luc Lamy, EMEA Chair of Alliott Group/Global Mobility and Partner at Tax Consult in Belgium, comments:

“We have seized the opportunity to partner with The Expat Academy and their vibrant community of global mobility professionals to ensure a successful conference. Our tax and immigration experts will be sharing our local and cross border expertise with attendees during round table discussions and from our booth in the networking area.  We plan to ensure that as many clients and industry vendors as possible become aware of Alliott Group as a name they can trust and of our members’ ability to offer dynamic and responsive solutions to the diverse but connected challenges they face locally and internationally.”

We will be joining Alliott Group member firms in Amsterdam Ellisons Solicitors (UK), Feher Legal & Tax (Hungary), Tax Consult (Belgium), Audalis (Germany) and Borrie Expatriate Services (Netherlands).

David Gibbs of Alliotts adds:

“This will be our international alliance’s fifth conference sponsorship in the global mobility sector. It gives Alliotts the opportunity to demonstrate the expertise we offer to clients facing compliance and strategic challenges linked to their employees who live and work in different jurisdictions. Together with our Alliott Group colleagues across Europe and the world, we provide seamless, high calibre services to companies entering our country or sending people in and out of different countries for short or extended periods.”

About Alliott Group/Global Mobility

Alliott Group/Global Mobility brings together 160 carefully selected, medium sized tax, immigration and legal services providers in 164 cities across 66 countries in the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions. Member firms serve organisations of all sizes, from fast-growing start-ups to the local subsidiaries of international groups. 

Global Mobility Professionals managing mobility programmes in the EMEA, Americas, APAC and Australasian regions can count on the expertise, efficiency and collaborative approach provided by the team’s member experts, many of whom have backgrounds working for the big global consulting firms. Outsourcing tax and legal compliance and advisory services to Alliott Group/Global Mobility members adds specialist technical expertise and greater efficiency to the global mobility function. Global mobility and HR professionals can focus on the ‘bigger picture’ strategic issues related to managing expatriate populations, rather than worry about compliance.  For more information go to www.alliottgroup.net/globalmobility or contact Alliott Group COO, Giles Brake (giles@alliottgroup.net).