24 Feb 2021 12:15 PM

We're getting to that time when we look back and say wistfully, 'This time last year was the last time I.......'  I'm remembering the last big party, the last live music gig, and the last time I went to a cinema.

We've had to adopt new ways of working and keeping in touch and of getting ourselves out there and generating work. A year ago I thought Zoom was an ice lolly. 

Over the years Alliotts Media team has attended the main film festivals, meeting with old friends and making new ones, it was an energetic and lively environment. With a huge demand for content, the film sector has been active, and film festivals are the opportunity for filmmakers to promote their productions.

So I was curious to learn about how filmmakers are dealing with the virtual festival, and what they need to do to maximise their exposure. 

I was grateful when Katie McCullough Founder & Director of Festival Formula Ltd agreed to share her knowledge with me. Katie has over 16 years experience of working with Filmmakers, helping them with festival strategies and submissions.  We spoke about how filmmakers can get the most out of the Festival Circuit during the pandemic.  Katie shared her insights on how festivals have adapted; what filmmakers need to do to prepare for a festival to get the most of out it; and some of the mistakes producers have made when attending festivals.  We also discuss the future of film festivals and why they still remain an important part of the filmmaking journey. 

Watch our conversation in full below