17 May 2019 11:14 AM

Well, OK, I didn’t actually go to space.

What I did do was possibly the next best thing, I attended the 35th Space Symposium  http://www.spacesymposium.org/symposium-program/,  one of the largest space sector conferences in the world, from the 8th to 11th April in Colorado Springs.  This global forum, which was first held in 1984 and attended by 250 delegates,  attracted some 10,000 people this year.

Yes but why was I there?

As the world continues to ‘shrink’ and businesses become increasingly  global I believe that in order to generate new opportunities business leaders need to think creatively to both differentiate their business and out compete competitors. Part of this is to get into the space that their clients occupy, and to immerse themselves in their worlds, their language and the way that they think.

While I was at the Space Symposium  I met with seven client companies, four companies who were wanted to know more about how I could help them and an additional two new and potentially great people from London who are active in the space sector and who are looking for a business advisor who specialises in the space sector who they can introduce to clients.

On top of that I was part of the Team GB hosting an invite only event for larger space companies who are considering setting up in the UK.  This is an area where we use our expertise to make on boarding for overseas companies as smooth as possible.

So all in it is a business opportunity that is hard to replicate within the UK, even though most of the opportunities were relating to businesses in the UK!

In my case that involved travelling many thousands of miles to meet with UK clients.  Making this effort  both demonstrates my commitment to the sector and ensures I am as fully immersed in it as it is possible to be whilst still ‘only’ being an accountant.