19 Aug 2016 10:36 AM

Inspired by the amazing success that TeamGB enjoyed at the 2016 Rio Olympics, on Friday 19th August Alliotts’ London and Guildford offices became talismans for international relations as we held our first ever Alliotts Olympic Celebration Event. 

The idea behind the event was to act as a conduit for raising funds for our chosen charity ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’, and also give staff a chance to showcase food and drink from either their home country, or a country they enjoyed. Jonathan Graham, who is part of the Alliotts ‘Staff Action Team’, said “This event was a way for the Alliotts’ team to celebrate culture and diversity and really get behind the true spirit of the Olympics. It also acted as a way for us to raise much needed funds for our firms’ charity ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’ and remind staff about the important work they are doing”.

Both offices had a great spread of dishes from around the world which were provided by staff and then sold to their colleagues, including:

  • Canada - Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup
  • Italy – Home made Lasagne, Pasta and vegetable bake, garlic bread and ciabatta
  • China – Celery Pork Dumplings, Leek egg fried dumplings, Dragon’s Whiskers
  • USA – Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Twinkies
  • Spain – Paella
  • Russia – Figs
  • France – Baguettes, Roule and Camembert
  • Dominica – Saltfish and dumplings
  • Great Britain - Victoria sponge, Apple pie, Strawberries and cream

To raise even more money for our charity the Partners decided that it should be a dress-down day, but people were encouraged to dress in their chosen county’s clothes to really get in the spirit. Partner Sudheer Gupta said “Everyone in both offices was inspired by the Olympics, not only how well TeamGB did but the passion and spirit of all taking part. The Rio Olympics were a real success for TeamGB, not only in medal count but also in inspiring the nation, and we all feel proud in what they have achieved”.

We are supporting ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’ in memory of our dear friend and colleague Debbie Rennox (13 May 1980 - 24 August 2014).  For information on the charity and its achievements please visit their website.