17 Oct 2016 2:19 PM


I will be joined by a number of my fellow partners at Alliott Group’s Worldwide conference which focusses on winning, servicing and retaining clients with multi-market business interests.The conference which is being held in London this year will be attended by 150 leading professional advisers from 76 independent, owner managed firms located in 36 countries.

Hosted by Alliott Group, an award-winning international alliance of independent, mid-market accounting and law firms, delegates at the conference who come from local firms worldwide, will have access to the latest technical knowledge and best practice as well as to professional contacts. This will help them deliver a more efficient service to clients, whether businesses or individuals, who need professional advice and services in multiple geographic markets.

During the four day conference, a wide variety of topics centred around doing business in international markets will be covered by leading speakers including representatives from the Bank of England, the Department for International Trade, the Confederation of British Industry, Meridian West and Farnham Castle Intercultural Training.

Alliotts international team will exchange ideas and experiences with the managing and senior partners from other Alliott Group member firms, as well as enhancing their technical and professional skills necessary to serve clients across borders. This all underpins the further development of a ‘global mindset’ to aid successful communication across cultures when entering foreign markets. This will help everyone present to gain a better understanding of what clients really want from their professional advisers.  

Areas that always of particular interest to my colleagues and I are the alliance’s specialist technical groups. The groups host roundtable discussions on current topics affecting global trade such as the impact on internationally focused SMEs of recent international tax developments, particularly national implementations of proposals in the OECD/G20 Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS) project that is targeting tax avoidance and that have a bearing on permanent establishment risks and transfer pricing strategies.

During the conference Chairman John Kleopas (Kleopas Alliott, Greece) will hand over the reins to new Chairman Ken Miles (NSBN LLP, Los Angeles) after serving a four year term that has culminated in the alliance winning the 2016 Rising Star Association of the Year award from The Accountant/International Accounting Bulletin (Timetric).

James Hickey, Alliott Group’s CEO comments:

“This year’s Worldwide Conference is our largest to date in terms of the number of attendees. It is the marquee event of our Business Advantage Program that includes events at the national, regional and international levels, as well as training and education programs that are designed to support growing local professional services firms that want to reach the next level of their development but remain fully independent.”