26 Nov 2020 3:02 PM

Thirty eight members of the Alliotts team traded bean counting for step counting from 2 -15 November and raised money for Prevent Breast Cancer and Play for Progress.

Alliotts Walkabout was an inspirational idea from Alec Wheeler to help encourage his colleagues to do something positive for their wellbeing. It resulted in Alliotts raising 4k for charity and clocking up over 5.5 million steps over two weeks!

At a time of year when we feel like hibernating it’s hard to get motivated to get up and out, and one of the challenges of working from home is staying in touch with our colleagues. As an added bonus research says that doing something for ten consecutive days can become habit forming. Alliotts Walkabout gave us a shared purpose and a fun reason to re-connect with colleagues across the firm.

We simply counted steps. We used our fit bits (and similar) and our phones. We sent in daily screenshots and eagerly awaited the lunchtime publishing of the leaderboard. It certainly got very competitive towards the end!

It wasn’t all about the steps. We took photos on our walks, giving our colleagues an insight into our environment and our perspective on it.

There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  But it’s not about the fittest, we also gave prizes for 10th and 20th place, as well as most improved. An independent judge has been invited to choose the best image from Walkabout.

Steve Meredith, Chairman of Alliotts commented:

‘This simple idea was a great success and very well run by Alec and his team. It motivated us to get moving and we felt the mental health benefits of walking outside. But as colleagues we enjoyed sharing our stories of early morning walks, aching limbs and rain, lots of rain. So we’re going to do something similar in the new year.’

Some photos from the walkabout