Name of firm: TLC AG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Location: Berlin and offices in other areas in Germany

Name of principal Alliott Group contacts:

Martin Noack
(pictured left) and Sebastian Blandow (pictured right)

When did you join Alliott Group?


How has membership benefited your clients?

Germany is traditionally an export nation. Through our membership in the Alliott Group we have been able to advise innumerable German companies operating internationally at the same professional level as international advisory firms. By having established close personal contact with individual member firms we have been able to satisfy our clients requirements more effectively, more cost efficiently and more personally than the BIG FOUR.

How has membership benefited TLC?

In our own domestic market we have more regularly been engaged by clients who had worked with large global advisory firms in the past and thus TLC has become a real alternative.

Through our membership in the Alliott Group we have enhanced our being an attractive employer for the best employees who want to take on the challenges of the globalised advisory market in order to take advantage of its opportunities.

TLC - Working with Alliotts to help a mutual client.

One of our large German property developers is planning to expand its business activities in the UK. We are pleased that Alliotts is delivering competent advice with regard to setting up a firm, to banking relationships and to tax and legal matters.

An exit solution on the London AIM has become an interesting alternative for many German tech companies with an international structure of investors. Alliotts was able to support our advising these companies with practical approaches for finding solutions.

Colin Farmer
Colin Farmer

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