Name of firm: Tax Consult

Location:    Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium                

Name of principal Alliott Group contact(s): Jean-Marie Leclercq (principal), Marie-Lise Swinne (Corporate), Luc Lamy (Global Mobility)

When did you join Alliott Group? Since the beginning

How has membership benefited your clients? Belgian companies are quite active on the international market and the ones not yet present have expansion goals in foreign marketplaces. Providing Alliott Group member firms’ coordinates enable our clients to get knowledge of the local business environment and practices. In addition, our partners help our client to navigate the various legal and tax issues, providing the right technical frame for their needs.

How has membership benefited your firm? Our firm, amongst providing typical assistance to companies (i.e. accounting and corporate services), provides a full range of services in the areas of global mobility of executives (e.g. immigration, tax, social security, compensation and benefits). Having a worldwide alliance of firms is key in helping our clients tackling the mobility process and offering high tech assistance in home and host countries.

Where you have worked with Alliotts on a mutual client? A client residing in Belgium and owner of a company located in Guernsey, wanted to analyse the best way to solve a potential financial problem and to find a solution that would be ok for both Belgian taxes and for UK tax. It included the incorporation of a UK company for possible re insurance.



Luc Lamy, Jean-Marie Leclercq, Marie-Lise Swinne

Colin Farmer
Colin Farmer