Name of firm: Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

Location: Cleveland Ohio. HLP has seven offices in four states, Ohio, Florida, California and Indiana

Name of principal Alliott Group contacts:

Bob Ross and Chris Blake

When did you join Alliott Group?


How has membership benefited your clients?

Provides not only legal services worldwide, but accounting and tax assistance worldwide. This is a significant advantage not only for our clients looking to set up in jurisdictions outside of the U.S. but also to clients involved in cross-border transactions and joint ventures.Also allows us access to knowledge within those jurisdictions in terms of banking and other professional referrals (HR, consulting, private equity, etc.

How has membership benefited your firm?

Provides us with a network to insure that our clients have instant access to markets and information worldwide.

Also allows us to realistically portray ourselves as having a full service international practice

Please supply an example of where you have worked with Alliotts on a mutual client?

Currently working on a potential transaction wherein an hlp client is looking to acquire a U.K. based company. Alliotts is assisting in making connections for this client relating to its capital finance raise. If the transaction moves forward, Alliotts is likely to be engaged as the local accountancy firm to work with HLP and the client on this matter assisting on diligence, entity formation and the transaction and, upon closing, acting on behalf of the newco in the U.K.

Bob Ross Partner

Hahn Loeser & Parkes LLP

Colin Farmer
Colin Farmer

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