Name of firm: Allan Hall Business Advisors

Location: Sydney, Australia

Name of principal Alliott Group contact:

Bob Buckingham

When did you join Alliott Group?


How has membership benefited your clients?

It has enabled them to expand their business internationally or enter into overseas transactions, secure in the knowledge that we are referring them to an advisor we trust and one that will deliver a service to them in the same manner that they are accustomed to receiving from us.

How has membership benefited your firm?

Alliott membership has provided us with instant access to information from all corners of the globe and information of the type that you can’t get from Google. It has also given us the opportunity to assist clients referred to us by other Alliott members. Often this relates to the expansion of their business into Australia and this can be both exciting and rewarding work for our team.

Please supply an example of where you have worked with Alliotts on a mutual client.

We have assisted a number of Alliott clients with expansion into the Australian markets, both with advice on preparatory steps and issues and assistance with actual set up.

Our most rewarding involvement with the Group however, has been the excellent way in which Alliotts has assisted a Sports Marketing client of our firm to break into the UK Market. Having extensive involvement with the Sydney Olympics bid in 2000, the client was able to play the lead marketing role for the Manchester Commonwealth Games and is currently involved with various UK Olympic Sports Organisations in regard to the impending London Olympics. They have also been appointed to lead the marketing role by the Glasgow Commonwealth Games organisation for the games in 2014.

You can imagine the varied and complex issues that have arisen for them, many of which could not be dealt with from Australia. We have been fortunate to have the expert and caring assistance from the excellent team at Alliotts who have supported our client over the past 10 years.

Colin Farmer
Colin Farmer

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